My Future Waterfront House

After a night of futbol, indie music, a little bit of brie and a season premier episode of Orange is the New Black with newly made friends, I found myself walking on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island.

Bezt mural in Providence, RI

I walked along this beautiful city’s historic trail until my path was incredibly interrupted by the gay pride parade. Rainbow butterfly wings and colorful beads decorated the streets that from the distance sent an incredible amount of love and support for Orlando and its victims.

Gay Parade Providence RI

After walking around the bay with a couple of friends I was encouraged to head to Newport and it was a decision I don’t regret.

Waterfront in Providence, RI

The town is filled with little shops and ice cream spots that are swarmed by tourists. Although downtown is a cute place to be I needed some silence and solitude. So after driving around for a little while I found the perfect stop to head out into the water.

20160618_193848 (2)

The waterfront is heavenly, making it reasonable for there to be a line-up of mansions, each abnormally huge house larger than the last.

House in Newport, RI

Walking by the water was breathtaking, and I’m glad I did this walk on my own. The silence and peace was only interrupted by the crashing sound of the water and some people walking by every once in a while. There is a peace to be found in this corner of the world.Newport Rhode Island

My trip to Rhode Island was very quick, but it was so peaceful and pleasant and it was much needed. Although I may not be able to ever buy a house by the water in Newport, a girl can only dream 🙂

Wish rocks in Newport, RI

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