The oldest town

There is a town in the north of Florida that has earned the title of the oldest town in the country, it is also the place that gave birth to most of Florida and once served as one of the Capitals of the state. This town also happens to be my favorite around here.

Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine Fl.

St. Augustine is a beautiful town with cobblestone streets filled with stores, restaurants, ghost tours and Spanish flags, reminding you of its past. When you walk through the streets you’ll bump into pirates and Spanish colonist, you’ll scratch your hands on the coquina walls, and let your nose lead the way anytime you’re close to a Kilwins candy shop.


St. Augustine was the first official town created by the Spanish.

fort gates

During the time of pirates and colonist St. Augustine was enclosed by a huge wall, today a fort from this wall stands by the water. There were a few attempts by the English and the French to destroy this fort, but it still stands here.

San Marcos Fort St Augustine, Fl

There was one particular time when the French, who had settled in Fort Caroline in Jacksonville, Fl decided to go and attack the Spanish sure that they would beat them since they had them outnumbered. So the French go in their boat and prepared for the short trip to St. Augustine, only to be met and wiped out by a hurricane that was passing by at that time… the few that survived were captured by the Spanish and killed.

20160517_124722 (2)

In the early 1900’s, a man named Henry Morrison Flagler came to St. Augustine and fell in love with the city and decided he would make the town a tourist location. So thanks to his bank account, big oil money and good connections (i.e. Rockefeller) he built the Ponce the Leon Hotel, today Flagler College, and the Florida East Coast Railway, which for the first time gave a passage to the south of Florida, giving birth to what today is Miami and Palm Beach.

houses in St Augustine

If you go into Flagler College you might see some Tiffany glass which was created by Tiffany (another of Flagler’s friends) specially for the hotel. As you walk through the campus you might also find a ghost or two, especially at night.

Flagler College

Today St. Augustine is a nice and calmed little town, filled with tourist and people trying to get pictures of the first school, the first street and the creepy cemetery (there’s a ghost of a child, if you bring toys it is said that he’ll appear). This town is not one to be missed.

First school house St Augustine

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