A walk through Knoxville

I lack serious planning skills. I guess I’ve never been good at it, or maybe anytime I plan something too much it simply falls apart. And so this trip wasn’t really an exception.Downtown Knoxville

While I was in Raleigh, the morning I left for the Smoky Mountains I realized how close Knoxville was, and so it was immediately added to the itinerary, and I must say it was worth it.

Rowing man in Knoxville, TN

After driving through Dollywood and Dolly Parkway… I guess Dolly Parton is from this area, I arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Tennessee Theater in Knoxville

Although I did not get to walk around the whole city at all, Donwtown Knoxville was enough to capture my attention. All the buildings are old timey and perfectly complement the railroad system that cuts through the town.

Railroad in Knoxville, TN

There is a peaceful air that surrounds the area, the one you can feel when you’re in a small town. Everyone seems busy trying to get where they’re supposed to be, but once they’ve found their place, all that’s left is sunshine and a city to enjoy.

Downtown Knoxville

And so I did. After walking for a while I chose a little cafe called Sugar Mama for lunch… the people and the food were incredible.

Lunch at Sugar Mamas in Knoxville

I loved Knoxville. The statues, the buildings and the history that seems to hide away.

Downtown Knoxville, TN

Hopefully I get to come back to Tennessee to the city on the west of Knoxville, Nashville. Hopefully  that time around I won’t be so surprised by the overwhelming amount of country music played on the radio.

Beloved Woman of Justice in Knoxville, TN

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