Dreams of Paper Planes
The Legend of El Dorado

The Legend of El Dorado

Brief history and pics from the place of one of Colombia´s most well know legend, El Dorado.

More than whales

Sometimes a place blows away your expectations of what could be. From the outside a town might look poor and...

A place among the clouds

There is a beautiful place where trees don’t grown too high up and water freely falls from the rocks on...

A long awaited concert

After 4 hours of waiting in line with about 40 thousand people, seeing people skip the line and watching my...

A magical land of nature, cheese and sweets

Took a lovely day trip to Sopo,  in the north of Bogota, making a first stop in La Cabaña Alpina....

I’m Home

Im back home in Bogota... it´s gonna be a great adventure