A beautiful drive

Known as one of the most scenic drives in the country, Blue Ridge Parkway lives up to its expectations.

Blue Ridge Parkway

I drove along the road for a couple of days making plenty of stops in between to enjoy the view of the mountains meeting the sky.

View at Blue Ridge Mountain

After being in Tennessee and staying at the Smoky Mountains I stopped at Asheville, NC and walked around the charming town.

Street in Asheville, NC

This town is the first stop if you ever want to drive on Blue Ridge Parkway. It is the home of the Biltmore Estate, a cool red bus cafe, and a few parks, theaters and awesome restaurants, including the French Broad Chocolate Lounge… mmmm chocolate.


There are plenty of hikes on Blue Ridge, so I recommend staying a bit longer than a couple of days. I truly enjoyed driving up Mt. Mitchell, one of the highest peaks in the East US. The view is stunning, and the perfect place to sit, maybe have a picnic and just enjoy the world around you.

From the top of Mt. Mitchell

Grandfather Mountain is another amazing stop. I happened to drive by it as the sun was coming down and it was truly amazing how the colors in the sky blended into each other as they slowly disappeared behind the mountains.

Sunset in Blue Ridge Parkway

I read somewhere that it was recommended to drive from the northern part of Blue Ridge to the south because the views in improve as you drive from Virginia to North Carolina, and I have to agree with this. In Virginia you will find less trees and more houses while in North Carolina you will drive through State Parks that are beautifully protected making it be just you and your car in the middle of an incredible forest.

Driving on Blue Ridge Parkway

When I got to Roanoke I decided I would end my drive on Blue Ridge there and instead walk around the town.

Street in Roanoke

Roanoke is a town that was built around the railroad system and housed one of the largest railroad companies of its time, so the town grew around its rail road. There are awesome shops (chocolateeeee) and cute cafes.

Floor mosaic in Roanoke, VA

Driving on Blue Ridge Parkway was one of the things I planned of doing since the moment I started my trip, and I’m really glad I did. I discovered towns that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen and enjoyed my time surrounded by mountains and trees and wonderful people.

Blue Ridge Parkway

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