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When I was a kid my dad filled my life with made up stories about witches and vampires. I remember riding in the car so excited to hear  the incredible stories I knew weren’t real. As  I got older the stories continued, but this time they had less fantasy and more family history.

Fountain in Philadelphia

A few years ago I moved to Paris for 6 months and needed a job so I became a tour guide; I knew I liked history and talking so I thought it would be fun. But in reality I fell in love with it and officially released my inner history nerd.

George Washington's House Philadelphia

So now I sit in a bedroom in downtown Philadelphia and I’m so in love with everything around me.

Love Philadelphia

Aside from being the home of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Philadelphia is the home of the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell and the first capital of the United States.

Liberty Bell

This city has history in its streets that it’s surrounded by modern buildings and people rushing to work.


With the Copa America games going on, and me being Colombian I had to head to a local pub and watch the game and it was great. Even thought most people had no idea what was going on. The nightlife in Philly is lit as pubs quickly turn into dance floors.

Museum of Art in Philadelphia

After a good museum day which included the Rodin Museum and the Museum of Art (also know for its famous “Rocky Steps”) I continued my walk into the Boathouse Row. This area is spectacular. The houses sit by the water and at night they illuminate the darkness with lights that make the neighborhood look like they come from a Christmas story.

Boathouse Row Philadelphia

There is one street in Philly that stands out. Not for it’s history or for its beauty, but for its incredible vibes. There are cool shops filled with bohemian fabrics, eccentric restaurants and the Magic Gardens.

Old City District Philadelphia

Once a forgotten area, South St. was revitalized and houses one of the biggest mosaics in the world. Made from kitchen tiles, bike scraps, china plates and pieces of latín ceramics, the Magic Garden is a must see place. I walked to this area not knowing what to expect, and I’m glad I did. The mosaics, which are housed in a museum-like building, have explode it outside its walls and now it decorate surrounding streets… so that part is free… which I like.

Magic Garden in Philadelphia

With a wide range of things to do and places to see Philadelphia is a great stop and one I’m glad I didn’t miss out of.

Betsy Ross in Philadelphia

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  • El inicio de esta parte, me deja pensando cuanto puede, la historias, aventuras, cuentos, narraciones y vivencias influir en el desarrollo de esas personitas,que más adelante,serán mayores, solo pensaba en la alegría y la gran imaginación que podrían tener al ponerle alas a la vida, y saber que tendrían que aprender a utilizar esas alas solos para poder volar.TQM

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