A friendly stop in Raleigh

Many times when you live as an immigrant your friends become your family, and through all the ups and downs you stick together. The fights, the laughs, the good times and the bad times simply become a part of your history together.

State Capitol Raleigh, North Carolina

Eleven years ago I met a couple of people who would eventually become this family to me. And although many miles stand between us now, we are still a family. So on this road trip I had to make a detour stop in Raleigh, North Carolina to say hello and spend some quality time with one of them.

North Carolina's State Capitol in Raleigh

This nice city has a beautiful downtown area full of college kids and cafes with wine and beer bars. Tons of people seemed to live in Raleigh based on the traffic and on how impossible it is to walk up to a restaurant on a Saturday night and be seated within 2 hours of your arrival.

Raleigh Night Life, North Carolina

There are plenty of museums, but since I have a love affair with history I decided to go into the North Carolina History Museum. This museum is nicely decorated with the replicas of the Wright Brothers’ aircraft, the names of Indigenous tribes and with a seemingly general display of the state’s proud history, the darker history on the other hand is quickly displayed so you can quickly move on from it (like it never happened)

History Museum Raleigh North Carolina

It’s so very easy to go from Raleigh to its neighboring towns. The roads with the street side shops and restaurants decorate the town in a very homie way. The college campus seems to be the heartbeat of the city.

Art festival Raleigh North Carolina

There was an art festival in the middle of downtown which allowed my friend and I to walk through the streets while listening to talented sax players, seeing beautiful paintings and getting a general feeling for the town. We sat at restaurant and had some fries and beer while we afternoon become night.

Artsplusure Raleigh North Carolina

After a couple of days of coffee and wine and plenty of gossip I packed up my things and said goodbye to a good friend and an adorable dog.


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