Witchcraft and Freedom

It’s been a while since I’ve actually gotten to sit down and write anything, and after so many places I feel like now it’s my time to share.

Boston Skyline

Boston is a wonderful place where parking doesn’t come easy but walking around the city does. There is a red line that runs throughout downtown Boston called the Freedom Trail. It takes you to all the major spots of Boston’s incredible history. From the meeting areas where the revolution was planned to Paul Revere’s house and the church that lit the signal that the British are coming. If you like history, like me, Boston is an incredible, magical place.

Freedom Trail Boston

There is another trail you can follow, and I did. It’s a shorter trail marked by markers on the road. This trail takes you through important African American stops and eventually leads you to the church and meeting place where important figures, including Frederick Douglass, congregated to achieve liberty and the end of segregation 100 years before the Civil Rights movement.

Boston African American National Historic Site

My stayed in Boston happened about a week after the horrible attack in Pulse, the Orlando Nightclub. The place that I stayed at was just a couple of blocks from the Boston Marathon’s finish line and just across the street from the place one of the bombs went off. To see the unity and love that Boston displayed for Orlando was an incredible thing to see and it made me love Boston even more.

Church of the Finish Line in Boston

After Boston I headed to the interesting and unique Salem. The famous town responsible for the burning of witches. There are plenty of tourist traps and witch museums all over. The town is beautiful and a nice place to walk around. Like Boston, Salem has a historic line that takes you to the main places, including the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch House and of course a Bewitched Statue.

Witch Dungeon

There is a monument in for those burnt during the witch trials. The memorial seems to be really nice, but it is definitely abandoned. The grass is overgrowing the stones, it kind of smells like urine and there was a homeless man sleeping on one of the steps at the time I visited. That wasn’t cool, especially since it’s a place honoring a bunch of people unjustly killed… but the monument looks like it was really nice.

Salem Witch Monument Salem

Salem is a place I had wanted to go to for a while since my dad raised me on stories of witches, and Salem didn’t really disappoint. The town is cute, there’s plenty of palm readers, pirate shops and cool little streets. I am curious what this town looks like on Halloween.

Salem Massachusetts

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