Canada Day Fireworks in Ottawa

There is something magical about unplanned travel. There are no expectations and you can easily go with the flow.

Blue Ridge Parkway

And so right before arriving in Canada I was told by my amazing host that I was coming in to Quebec City on Quebec Day, and so a partied ensued. More specifically a Medieval party. After getting to the house I was directed to a box filled the costumes, explained the rules to the games and given three gems that would later be used to get some of the nastiest white wine I’ve ever drank (I still drank all of it).

Party in Quebec City

We went to a karaoke bar and watched people sing their best English and French songs and then watched as the sun came up at 5 in the morning (why does the sun come up at 5 in the morning in Canada???) while talking in Spanish to a Kenny G’s doppelganger…. I can’t complain about Canada’s welcome.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

The next couple of days were spent walking around the beautiful Old Quebec with new friends, discussing our plans to move to Old Quebec and improve our French (I will make this happen!!!) and later sitting in the patio of our host’s home where we had many conversations ranging from the political atmosphere around the world to weird sex stories.

Old Quebec City

At Montreal I got to catch the beginning of the famous Montreal Jazz Festival. Musicians amazed with their talent and creativity, including the amazing West Trainz, a band with a full train set up that gets creative with instruments (as in children’s instruments)… they’re amazing!

Montreal Jazz Festival

A few days later I found myself in Ottawa and saw as the city prepared for Canada Day.

Canada Day in Ottawa

After dressing up in the most Canadian outfit I could find, me and a group of incredible people headed downtown and joined the river of red and white walking the streets of Ottawa. The concerts going on downtown and the fireworks made it for an unforgettable day.

Canada Day in Ottawa

To closeout all the festivities I headed to Niagara Falls and stared in AW at the Falls and listened to a live band on the Canadian side… the perfect place to spend the 4th of July in Canada.

Niagara Falls

Fireworks lit up the sky one more time as we celebrated another great day.

4th of July Fireworks at Niagara Falls

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